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Omeka-S Tutorial

Created by Jen Andrella
Maintained by LEADR under the direction of Alice Lynn McMichael

Last Updated 12/16/2021

Omeka S Overview

On the dashboard, there is a navigation bar on the left and the main work area on the right. “Manage Resources” provides links and summary accounts for Items, Item Sets, Vocabularies, and Resource Templates. “Manage Sites” lists all sites within the Omeka S installation. Clicking on the name of a site will direct users to the public view, while clicking on the edit button (pencil icon) will direct users to the editing base.

On the left-side navigation column, users will see a section heading for “Resources.” This contains all of the tools to build content in Omeka S:

Below these options the user will see the the Administrator system settings to manage all websites on the Omeka S installation, including:

Key Terminology and Concepts

A new feature of Omeka S is the ability to enter an existing Item or Item Set as the value for a property field. For example, the Item Set based on “William Shakespeare” can be entered into the “Author” field of an Item. This way, any work with the same author will be connected together.

Adding and Managing Content

When you are done, click “Add” and your new site will appear on the dashboard ready to upload and manage content.


For advanced options, modules (i.e. plug-ins) extend the functionality of Omeka S.These must be downloaded separately to your Omeka S installation.

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