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iMovie Tutorial

Created by Dawson McCall and updated by Daniel Fandino
Maintained by LEADR under the direction of Alice Lynn McMichael

Last Updated 12/16/2017

Cutting video/audio.

Fading in Audio & Video

Saving Your Work

There are a few steps to this to save something that you would like to come back and edit to a USB.

1) Go to File -> Open Library -> New.

2) Under “Save As” chose a file name for your library and a location to place the file (this should be your properly-formatted USB - see above), press “Save.”

3) Return to the “Projects” menu (the button is in the top left corner). In this window, look for your project and this icon: . Click this icon, and choose “Move to Library.” Select the library that you just saved to your USB.

To open this project on another Mac, start by plugging in your USB and opening iMovie.

To export:

1) Go to File -> Share -> File

2) Press “next” once you’ve named your file and given it a description.

3) Press “save”

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