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Managing Data in MSU Domains

Created by Daniel Fandino
Maintained by LEADR under the direction of Alice Lynn McMichael

Last Updated: 11/01/2021


This document provides a brief overview on managing space on MSU Domains. MSU Domains is a service provided by Reclaim Hosting for the purposes of hosting websites. Graduate students, faculty, and undergraduate students enrolled in an approved class may apply for an account. Once you enter the world of website development, you may find yourself working on too many projects for the amount of server space you are allowed in domains. This guide will provide a brief overview on managing space on MSU Domains.

Managing Space on MSU Domains

  1. On the right hand side of the MSU Domains dashboard, there is an information panel labeled Statistics. The first entry is disk usage, which displays how much space is being utilized out of the total available. Clicking the wrench icon will give a detailed map of where space is being utilized.

  2. Automatic backups will take up a good amount of disk space, as they create a copy of your existing data. MSU Domains is set to frequently back up data, and to usually create two sets of backups. To change the frequency and number of backups, go to My Applications under the Applications header.

  3. At the top right of the Installatron menu there is a button for My Backups. Click this to see the backup status of all installed apps. From here, the frequency of the backups can be changed, backups deleted, or a copy of the backup for that app downloaded to a computer.

  4. The Backup Wizard will download a compressed copy of your all your data to a local computer. This is an option if space is at a premium. Always have a recent backup available.

  5. Wordpress can create extra copies of image files. For projects with a large number of images, this can be a space issue. Check the Wordpress folders for extra images if the space used appears high.


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