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Omeka Administrative Overview

Created by Dawson McCall, Brandon Locke, and Autumn Painter

Last Updated: 12/16/2017

Omeka Overview

This older guide covers an overview of functions that are useful for administrators trying to set up an Omeka website. If you are a student looking for help on your projects, we recommend checking out the Omeka guides on Items and Exhibits, Pages, Metadata, and Footnotes.

Dublin Core & Omeka

Omeka Organizational Schema

Design and Finishing Touches


While most really good Omeka projects include heavy CSS and PHP customization, there are several things you can do to make the project look a lot better. The themes give you a number of good jumping-off points. It usually helps to have at least a few items in and an exhibit created before changing themes - otherwise it can be difficult to discern exactly what the project looks like.

To change the theme, click on ‘Appearance’ at the top of the screen, and you’ll go directly to the theme page. You can easily test any of them out by clicking ‘Use this theme’ and then looking at the public view of the project. Each Omeka install will have all of the themes that are available and have been vetted by the developers of Omeka.

Configuring a Theme

Each theme will have a ‘Configure Theme’ button once it is selected. Configurations let you make choices about the look of your site, including adding a logo and homepage text, managing featured elements, and adding footer text. The configuration settings you make are unique to each theme and will be saved with that theme. Not all themes have the same configuration settings.

To configure your theme, click the “Configure Theme” button below the theme graphic to customize your site. While not all themes have the same configuration settings, most will have the following two sections:

Header and Footer configuration options are:

Homepage configuration options:

Save longer explanations for an About page.

Remember to save changes.

You can customize the navigation bar by clicking ‘Appearance’ at the top of the screen, and then clicking on the ‘Navigation’ tab. You can rename or remove the default links from the bar, add links to specific Collections, Exhibits, or Simple Pages, or add external links on this screen.

Changing the default home page

You can change the default home page by clicking ‘Appearance’ at the top of the screen, and then clicking on the ‘Navigation’ tab. On the right, there is a dropdown where you can select the default home page. If the page you want to be your home page is not listed, you need to add the link to the navigation list (you can uncheck it so that it does not appear in the menu) and then select that as your home page.

Adding an Image to the Exhibit Landing Page

Other Useful Omeka Video Tutorials & Documentation

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